Does Fidelity Give You $50 Dollars?

Are you looking for Does Fidelity Give You $50 Dollars? then this blog is for you. These Fidelity rewards range from cash back to free trades which can be an excellent way to commence your journey into finance.

Nevertheless, with a myriad of options, it is fundamental that one knows what he or she is getting into. In this article, we will look at the rather fascinating promotion by fidelity investments titled Does Fidelity Give You $50 Dollars?

Does Fidelity Give You $50 Dollars?

Fidelity Investments

First, get a basic knowledge of Fidelity and we will dive into Does Fidelity Give You $50 Dollars?

The financial services industry recognizes Fidelity Investments as a powerhouse. It has enabled numerous people to actualize their dreams through its rich investment platforms, all-inclusive wealth management services, and educational programs.

Whether you are an experienced investor or just starting off, there are several accounts and tools that Fidelity has provided to suit your needs.

Their user-friendly platforms and in-depth research resources make navigating the complex financial landscape quite easy, from IRAs for retirement planning to brokerage accounts for active investing.

A Helping Hand for New Investors

Let us now answer the question on everyone’s lips today; Does Fidelity Give You $50 Dollars? Well yes but under particular circumstances.

Now and then fidelity may offer welcome deposit bonuses aimed at encouraging new account registrations. One such promotion could be $50 referral bonus.

However, don’t get too excited because there are some essential aspects to consider here before you go ahead with anything else.

How does the $50 Bonus Work?

It involves being able to break down how this $50 referral bonus works. This is how it goes:

Referral Process:

  • This bonus primarily operates on participant referrals who usually refer friends or family members.
  • Existing subscription holders of fidelity can send out unique links or codes for referral purposes only that person receiving those codes would open up a new valid account to qualify for the bonus which is usually at.
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Eligibility Criteria:

  • It should be kept in mind that not all accounts are covered by the promotion. Most of the time it applies to brokerage accounts or IRAs. Additionally, if an existing fidelity customer has already participated in a similar bonus program, they might not be eligible for referral bonuses.

Fidelity also occasionally offers other promotions, such as a $50 bonus, so there is no need to refer anyone if you want to open a new account with a minimum deposit amount (given at least $25-$50).

These specials change regularly, so be sure to visit Fidelity’s website regularly for the most recent offers.

By grasping how the $50 referral bonus works and any other ongoing promos as well, you can tap into these incentives to start off your investment journey with Fidelity.

Do note that though Fidelity may not always give you a flat $50 bonus, they still make it worth considering because of their useful resources and easy-to-use platform.

Important Note: Please check Fidelity’s website for any changes on these promotions and their terms and conditions. Consequently, one must stay updated in order to get $50 referral bonus offered by fidelity.

Who Qualifies for the Fidelity $50 Bonus?

Not everyone can take advantage of this free $50 but there are two main ways through which one can qualify:

Fidelity Starter Pack: This offer is great for those new Fidelity users. If you open a new brokerage account, deposit $50 or more and use the promo code “Fidelity100” during account opening. 

But does fidelity really give you 50 dollars with this method? Yes, only after fulfilling both deposit and code requirements.
Fidelity Youth Account: This option suits teens(13-17) with a parent/guardian already having a Fidelity account. When the teen’s account is opened and activated they will receive a cool $50 bonus deposited directly into their account. 

But does fidelity give you 50 dollars with a Youth Account? Absolutely, eligible teens satisfy activation requirements.

Important Things to Remember:

  • These offers have deadlines attached to them; check on the fidelity website for current expiry dates.
  • The promotions might not be available for existing Fidelity accounts except for the youth account program.
  • And lastly, only one person per individual claims her/his bonus just once.
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A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you eager to claim your free fifty-dollar bill? Here’s how it gets done smoothly:

  1. Head over to Fidelity’s official website—Start by visiting their official site
  2. Choose your account—If you are a new user going for Starter Pack then click “Open an Account,” and select the brokerage account type that best suits your needs. If for Youth Account, browse to the dedicated section and start the application.
  3. Follow the prompts—Complete the online application form providing all required details.
  4. Don’t forget the code! (For Starter Pack only) Type in Fidelity100 during the account opening process when you are asked to do so.
  5. Fund your account—Once your account is opened, deposit at least $50 to meet the minimum requirement for both the Starter Pack and Youth Account bonuses.
  6. Relax and wait—Your $50 bonus will be deposited into your account once you have met all criteria within specified timeframes (usually 10 business days).

Why Consider Joining Fidelity Beyond the Bonus?

Although having a great deal of appeal, there are multiple other reasons why Fidelity serves as an attractive platform for one’s financial journey after getting a $50 bonus:

  1. Wide Range of Investment Options: From experienced investors to beginners, Fidelity gives a broad spectrum of investment options, equities, bonds as well as mutual funds or ETFs.
  2. Research and Educational Tools: This is about bringing up users by giving them knowledge that will benefit them in future investment decisions before giving their money out. They include among others research tools and extensive educational resources over webinars.
  3. Low Fees: Fidelity has competitive fee rates for its trading costs and also account management compared with other companies in this field such as banking institutions hence making it suitable particularly for those who intend to stay long-term with their investments.
  4. Outstanding Customer Support: Fidelity is proud of its quality customer service. Whenever you’ve got questions, they will be ready to help and provide support for any hurdles that may arise on your way.
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Consider the above-mentioned points and think yourself, Should you Join?


Does fidelity give you $50 dollars? Yes but with some conditions attached. Nevertheless, the real worth of fidelity exists in its all-inclusive platform offering commission-free trades and commitment to investor education.

While $50 extra can make a nice start-off point, it must not overwhelm your final decision-making process alone. Therefore while choosing an investment platform pay more attention to features such as; investment options available and long-term benefits that align with your financial goals.

Have an overall perspective when doing this so that you can choose wisely among them since these platforms also shape our future prosperity in terms of finance.

However, fidelity has strong fundamentals for client success and great value-added features hence should be kept into consideration too.

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